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Automatic ball burnishing machine type VBR

Automatic ball burnishing machine type VBR

Automatic ball burnishing machines with tilt separation.
The VBR machines are the best solution where there is need of a flexible process time for rapid batch polishing of components.
These machines can work in batch for the polishing of small parts, but bigger models are available for the polishing of big parts (such as alloy-wheels, for example).
The VBR machines are manufactured in different models, from 250 Kg. up to 2 Tons of balls charge.



Ball burnishing is usually a very rapid process with processing times between 8 – 10 minutes.
The VBLS type machines work on a continuous basis with very little down time allowing for treatment of large quantities of components thus giving low component finishing costs. Vibrochimica’s through feed ball burnishing machines are manufactured in five models with various trough dimensions and stainless steel media capacity from 1000- 3500 Kgs. Optional equipment for these systems is available such as continuous driers, dosing units, alternative separation systems etc.




Vibrochimica spiral bowl ball burnisher type VBTSA with its curved walls, produces a very good finish on, for example, brass stampings where it can replace dipping or existing burnishing techniques especially in situations where a constant Ph value is required (impossible to achieve in a through feed machine). The bowl ball burnisher is manufactured in three sizes from 70 to 300 lt. (ball loads from 270- 850 kgs).
A major advantage of the bowl type machine over the trough type is the lower noise level resulting from the lower rpm (1500 as compared to 3000).