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VBT Range4

VBT Range

The VBT machine is one of the most simple, economical machines on the market today.
The flat sided, semi-toroidal bottomed working area of the bowl ensures a perfectly homogenous distribution of components and media, making for optimum use of the full working bowl. Parts are extracted manually and in order to make this operation easier, the machine can be supplied with a reverse facility. Reversing the motor is designed to encourage the components being processed to come to the surface of the media, thereby making it easier to identify and unload them.
The VBT machine is recommended for the processing of medium/large items, where automatic unloading does not have any particular advantage or where unloading over a dam and screen may cause damage to delicate parts. In addition, where the machine is to be used for a variety of parts of different sizes and batches, an auto-unload machine has no real advantage over the VBT.



VBTH Range

Similar in operation to the VBT machines, the VBTH range has a semi-automatic separation system where parts and media come up a dam and over a grid. The parts (being larger) feed over the grid and into a receptacle. The media drops back into the machine through the grid. With ferrous metals the unload system can be further developed to incorporate magnetic separation and demagnetizers.
The VBTH machines are ideal for large batches of items of similar size and geometry- thus obviating the need to continually change the grid size and/or media.
The VBTH machine can be introduced into production lines in a semi-automatic or automated state.
PLC controlled production lines (the unload facility operated pneumatically) can in a lot of cases take the raw product and completely process it (including separation, washing and drying).


VBTA Range

VBTA machines have a bowl with a built in spiral and separation. Three dimensional vibration enables the media and parts to rotate uniformly and continuously.
The special bowl shape greatly reduces the risk of damage to the parts. On the completion of treatment a flap is operated either manually or pneumatically and separation starts. The parts are delivered over the separation screen and the abrasive media returns through the screen to the bowl.
The bowl is of steel sheet and the bowl base is an integral pressing. The bowl has lining of highly wear resistant polyurethane. Helical rubber-capped springs cut down noise and transmission of vibrations to the rugged base of the machine.
Vibration dampers enable the machine to be installed without anchorage.
These machines are of simple and rugged construction capable of withstanding very rough operating conditions with little attention.



VBTS Range

The main characteristic of the VBTS machine is the toroidal bowl shape.
The immense benefit of this characteristic is that is guarantees perfect uniformity of media roll even with reduced vibration amplitudes, thus reducing part on part impingement and drastically increasing loading factors.
The VBTS is therefore extremely suitable for special projects and also for particularly delicate parts.
Components made from brass, zinc and aluminium can be finished to a pre-plate condition. We recommend that the bowl has a rubber lining for delicate parts.
Naturally, when you consider the delicate nature of the parts for which the VBTS is suitable, manual unload is a must.
Variations of the VBTS machine include a bowl which is toroidal on the inside diameter as well as the outside (available for VBTS 380 and 600 ranges only) and the machines can also be supplied with pneumatically operated discharge doors for automatic, timed discharge of parts and media.