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To complement our machines we can offer:

  • Ceramic chips with different grinding performances
  • Plastic chips in polyester or urea resin
  • Porcelain and high density chips for polishing and superfinishing operations
  • Maize saw dust for drying and polishing purposes
  • Stainless steel balls and Saturns in AISI 420 C and AISI 304
  • Abrasive Powders
  • Descaling and Degreasing compounds
  • Rust Inhibitors
  • Grinding and Polishing Pastes
  • Ball Burnishing compounds
  • Chemicals accelerators
  • Polishing liquid compounds for all the metals
  • Powder and Liquid Flocking agents

We are at your disposal to suggest you the abrasive chip as well the chemical compound suitable to satisfy your finishing requirement. Do not hesitate to contact us.