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I-800x1250 U One of PERCO’s most well-tried Rotational Finishing Machines.

This is The standard machine for finishing of gas-, laser- and plasma-cutted details. If you want to remove residual metal/soot and finish sharp edges this is the perfect machine. It is also commonly used to finish punched parts. Normal batch-load is one “EUR-pallet-with-collar”.

 The machine is designed with hollow-shafts and a residue-trap to allow for an excellent flow of dust and cob-corn (if used) in an adapted vacuum-system (optional).

The PUR-lining-elastomer, specially developed by PERCO to withstand the high demands on durability, can be molded to the thickness of choice/request.


Height: Lid closed:

2 450 mm

Height: Lid open:

3 300 mm

Maximum Width

2 325 mm

Maimum Deep Lid Open

1 830 mm

Occupied Floor Space

1550 X 1700 mm

Front Feeder Hatch

450 mm



Drum:Total Length

1 710 mm

Drum: Inner Length

1 250 mm

Drum: Circumferance Diameter

800 mm

Drum: Approx. Volume

500 liters



PUR - Lining Normal

30 mm




4 kW


5 - 25 rpm



Detail: Maximum Length

1 100 mm

Detail: Maximum Load

2 500 kg

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